CCL's Zoo

When animals outnumber humans in a place....I would call that a ZOO!!  Wouldn't you?

The zoo's full name is Crazy Cat Lady's Zoo.  And CCL.....that would me ME :D

My 'zoo' consist of the hubby, me, the daughter, three cats, one dog, and a snake.

We started homeschooling Grace when she was in the 6th grade.  So we have known BOTH worlds.  And I will tell you in a heartbeat.....HOMESCHOOL IS THE BETTER OPTION!  I gave up my schooling to educate her at home.  I hope to go back within the next few years to finish.

 Pictures and a mini bio to follow.

First up....the hubby (a.k.a. preacher....or Ronald)
Hubby....not to thrilled with me taking his picture while he is driving :)

The family fisherman....he keeps our bellies filled.

Hubby is the one that finances the whole operation, and keeps the zoo up and running.

He and I have been married since May 14, 1988.  He is an ordained minister, a fisherman, a construction worker, an amateur mechanic, a "Mr. Fix-It" (he DID fix my dryer)!  He works long hours under our Louisiana sun.  What spare time he has, he spends fishing, or hanging out at the zoo.  When he's not doing that, you can find him playing Whirly Word on his iPhone.
You can view photos of him and some of his fish he's caught at:

Next up would be YOURS TRULY...ME!!


A rare photo of me being....well...goofy :D

I am the one that makes sure the zoo runs properly and ORDERLY....ummmm....most of the time!

Mini Bio:  Devoted daughter of God and pianist since I was eight years old.  Knowledge junkie (usually useless), iPhone Addict (and all that comes with it). 

I have an extremely rare congenital heart defect (not a disease - those are usually deemed contagious).  The doctors have been bugging me about a heart transplant for several years now.....but that, in itself, scares me MORE than the current heart that I have.  It beats at 15 percent capacity, plays skippity-do-dah most of the day, and wears me out the rest of the time.

This physical life has not always been easy for me, but I am not complaining because my God is looking out for me. I will leave this world, for a better one, when God says it's my time. Until then, I live, I love, and I laugh. What more can anyone want? Except tea and expensive chocolate.

Next FAVORITE ANGEL in the daughter GRACE!!!
Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL?!!!  She has the heart to match :)

One of her many talents. She doesn't mind getting down & dirty to get the perfect 'shot'.

Another of her talents.

Grace and her Aunt Megan. (a.k.a.  Mearl & Pearl) 
They grew up together.  Don't'd just have to know them :D

Grace was always up for a good 'show' that

Grace keeps the 'critters' healthy, fed, and happy.  Good thing she's studying to be a Vet Tech and working for our FAVORITE VET....and the best around!

My sweet baby girl will be 20 in December!!  I can't believe it!!!  This beautiful being I call MY DAUGHTER is multi-talented.  Photographer, guitarist, singer, volunteer, useless knowledge junkie, iPhone addict, wonderful cook, keeper of all things animal, extremely smart (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom)....ask anyone who knows her.  And did I mention drop-dead gorgeous!!  But above all.....the MOST IMPORTANT thing to know about Grace is that she is a Daughter of The Most High God.  She adores her Heavenly Father and seeks to do His will ALWAYS!!!

To see more pictures of her you can click on my picasa site at the bottom of this page.

To learn more about her, you can follow her on her blog at

OR to see what she takes pictures of, 

Next up would be my 'Man Cat' ~ Solymon
A favorite sleeping spot.  We're thinking of putting the doors back up.
(I'M tired of taking the dishes down so he won't push them off :/)

Solymon and his favorite blanket :)

His very first photo session.

Solymon is my 'first'.  He got his name because I just knew he would grow to be a 'wise' king.  Birthday is October 28, 2007. I got him as a Christmas present from my daughter that year.  He was a stray and found under a flower pot my a nice elderly lady during a rain storm.  Thank God they couldn't keep him.  He was meant for me.  And he is VERY VOCAL!!!

All are indoor 'kids'....and all are spoiled rotten.  He's very picky about his food and treats.  He only eats Meow Mix.  When he wants to be picked up, he will stretch his front paws up to you as far as he can.  It's soooo cute.  He's scared of any box being brought into the matter the size.  He sleeps between my legs at night...and only on his favorite blanket.  And he knows how to step on my last intact

To get to know him better, check out his pictures at

Smokey is my only 'girl' cat.
Smokey and Yours Truly

Likes shelves.

A younger picture of Smokey (going to her first vet visit)

Smokey's Birthday is April 8, 2009.  She got her name because when she was smaller, she looked like she had rolled around in a fireplace and got soot on her.  We came to have her because we wanted a playmate for Solymon.  We got her at the Cane River Green Market in Natchitoches.

She only drinks water from sink faucets.  We think she's Burmin...but are not sure.  She squeaks when you pick her up, and DOES NOT like to be given medicine.  It took 3 adults to hold her down this morning to give her some medicine (at the vet).  She has her own dance routine.  It's called "The Chicken Dance".  I will try to get a video of that sometime.  It's NOT FUN having her jump on you, in the middle of the night, while you're sleeping on your

To get to know Smokey better, you may visit her at

Next up is Oliver.

Grace and 'her' Oliver

A younger pic.

Oliver is the youngest....and one that I didn't want (at first).   Grace claims him as hers.  She should....she found him.  He was two weeks old when found.  She took him, found a mother cat to nurse him, then we took him in as our own.....reluctantly.  I'm glad we did.  He only drinks water from the tub faucet and adores his big sister and brother.  Always wanting to play with them.  For some reason, he finds my long hair fascinating.  He's always trying to chew on it.......who want's cat spit in their hair?

To get to know Oliver, follow him at

Jesse is our only dog.  She's Grace's dog really.

Jesse and Grace (9/2010)

Her birthday is December 17, 2001.  She has been Grace's best friend and companion for the last 9 years.  I am so glad.  Grace being an only child and such. She is VERY SMART, and knows lots of tricks.

We almost lost her as a pup, so she has a special place in our more ways than one.

To get to know Jesse, you can check out her pictures at

Last up is Jordan.  She is Grace's corn snake.

Most recent picture.  I think she is about 5 ft now.

Not much to say about Jordan.  She sleeps, she hides, she comes out occasionally for mice.  To get to know Jordan better, through pictures, you can visit her at

And to get to know us all better, through pictures, you can visit my photo site at