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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Odd Duck Day

OK!!!  I'm guilty!  I fell for it!!  If you are a parent you know what I'm talking about.....the huge hopeful smiles and sparkling eyes when they ask if they can have something that you have already repeatedly said NO to.....but they thought they'd ask just ONE MORE TIME....just in case.  Ahhhh!!  I can just see the heads bobbing up and down in
Grace got her iPod speakers earlier today.  I really didn't mind though.  I get to reap the benefits too :D
She REALLY REALLY REALLY loves them.  It came with a remote that I am seriously considering HIDING!!  I'm right in the middle of listening to a song.....she decides she wants to listen to something else.....right in the MIDDLE OF A she switches...using the remote....from across the we THAT!!!!
I'm thinking she likes her EARLY Christmas present :D

Had sort of an odd duck day.  Got woke up early this morning by my husband...who is supposed to be AWAY at work.  That kinda made the whole day weird.  Then Grace gets an unexpected afternoon off from work.  She comes home and we wrap presents...for the DOG and cats!  I would have wrapped her only present I've gotten so far, but that kinda didn't go as planned.  It's hard to wrap something that's plugged into the wall with a phone docked to it.  Oh well!!  That's our life...and we like it.  She also would have wrapped the only present she's gotten me SO FAR (I hope) this year....but it was kind of an 'exchange' thing.  You give me mine, I'll give you yours.

Watched Bananas Comedy this evening....laughing all the way...ha ha ha ha.  Bells on.....wait...that's another song. *giggles*  Thor Ramsey, Jeff Allen, Nazareth, Mike Williams, & Taylor Mason will make you bust a gut laughing so hard.
But laughter IS good like a medicine.  So consider my medicine 'took' for the night.

Grace has been playing Whirly Word on her iPhone.  I told her that if she got to game 101 we would celebrate by going out to eat.  Keep in mind that as you play this game, finding the words becomes more difficult.  You start getting lots of q's, x's, z's, etc.  You word know what I'm talking about!  Anyway, she got OVER guess what we are doing tomorrow night?  You guessed it.  We are going out to eat AND while we are there, we are going to go downtown to the riverfront (yes, in Natchitoches) and look at the pretty lights...ooooohhhhh.

That's pretty much been my day.  Waking up to a man...that was NOT supposed to be my bedroom, daring Grace to get to 101 games on Whirly Word so we could go out to eat, wrapping Christmas for the PETS, giving Grace a present EARLY (those boogers get LOUD), laughing so hard I couldn't breath while watching Bananas Comedy, helping Grace change her email address (so I can make her some business cards for her singing), and sipping hot tea and nibbling dark chocolate with sea salt.

LIFE IS SWEET, FUNNY, AND WEIRD!!!  How's you're life?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

WOW!!!  What a difference just one 24 hour day makes.  In my last post, I was having one of my melt-downs.  But now, after the day that I had with my sweet daughter yesterday, the melt-down is gone.  I am back to my 'what can I do for fun next' attitude.  And my 'who can I annoy next with my incessant upbeat, positive, and charming self" attitude.  Don't you just love getting around pessimistic people and being the epitome of a charmist (my word) and optimist.?  It gnaws and eats at their very soul.  It's fun!!!

Anyway, as you can tell, I am out of my little funk I got into a few days ago.  Nothing fixes things better than a day and night on the town with my best friend, only child and daughter, and mini me.

After making a little side trip to Natchitoches to turn in some papers that I promised a friend I would turn in.....we were off to Shreveport.  Now I woke up yesterday morning feeling very tired AND my heart wanted to be ugly and play skippity-do-dah.....but I wasn't going to let that stop me from spending the day shopping and playing with my BF and daughter - GRACE!!

Our first stop was the Saltgrass Steakhouse on the Boardwalk.  People who have eaten there were right.....those steaks ARE melt in your mouth DELICIOUS!!!  Grace and I both had the Top Sirloin Steak topped with Blue Cheese butter, the Grilled Shrimp, and rice scampi.  I had Mango tea as my drink.....TASTY!!!

Our next stop was to play some indoor golf at Glo-Putz.....also on the Boardwalk.  That was SO MUCH FUN!!  That is the first time I have ever played golf (of any kind).  I wonder if 'real' golf would be as much fun.  There was alot of "You suck, Laarryy" going on (got that from our first Mudbugs game against the Mississippi ?).  That's what MB fans would yell to the other teams
We were the only ones in there playing, but we had lots of laughs, sarcastic comments, and FUN FUN FUN!!!!
Within the past few weeks, Grace and I have found our new sports game of choice to WATCH (Hockey).......and I've found my new sports game of choice to try to learn how to play (golf).  To me, golf is all about using your head, and less about muscle.  I could probably do that :D

When we left Glo-Putz we were headed to the car for some shopping on Youree Drive....but got side-tracked at Claire's.  Grace found herself a snake ring, us both bracelets, herself a hat, some gloves.....and we BOTH ended up getting our ears pierced we can eventually wear those earrings we were both looking at.  Hers were the matching snake earrings.....mine were anything else.
I used to wear earrings all the time until I had Grace.  She liked pulling on them too much, so I stopped wearing them.  I think it's about time I started wearing them again :)

Notice the hat - snake ring - bracelet.

OK!!!  Now that our side-tracking is done....on to some clothes shopping before the David Phelps concert.  We are running out of

Oh wait.....another side-track!!  Saw a Radio Shack - so I thought I'd run in there to see if they had what I wanted to get Grace for Christmas.  THEY DID!!!  She wanted speakers for her ipod/iphone.  $100 speakers and I got them for $70.....I think that's a good deal.  And YES!!!  She's seen them but still can't have them until matter how much she begs and gives good reasons for having them now :D

NOW for the clothes.  After all that looking, all she found was a pair of jeans, and I found her a shirt and me a dress shirt.  Oh well.....I guess that's what being clothes picky gets

Just enough time to run into Starbucks (how convenient) and change clothes for the concert.  How convenient indeed!!! While in there, I might as well grab me a coffee to relax myself with after all that shopping, right?  RIGHT!!  Got me a small thinking we'd get another one on the way home after while.  I'm glad I got one.....they were closed by the time we got back around after the concert.  We are starting to run behind.

We make it to the church 45 minutes before starting time.  YAY!!  I've never been a huge David Phelps fan, but my daughter is....or was....or maybe still is, but just not for concert viewing.  Anyway....I AM a HUGE Thor Ramsey fan.  And guess what?  HE WAS IN THE HOUSE LAST NIGHT!!  How AWESOME IS THAT?!!!  I laughed until I cried and my sides hurt.  He is hilarious!!  Grace got a picture with him at intermission and got him to sign a DVD set she bought of the Bananas Comedy show that he hosts.  SWEEEET!!!
We left at intermission, since Grace wasn't to thrilled with the concert.  Besides she was feeling a little bummed about other stuff, so we left and went to McAllister for supper.....and talked.
I wish she would talk to me more instead of keeping it all bottled up inside because she thinks I have more important things to think about right now.  She's WRONG there!!!  SHE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME.......AND HER CARES ARE MY CARES!!!  I wish she would see that.  Please pray for her.....that ALL of her dreams will come TRUE...... in spite of the devil and all his little minions trying to stop her.  Good ALWAYS wins!!!!  

Hows that for a day/night out.  We got home about midnight, got everything unloaded from the car and went to bed.  She said we will wrap when she gets home.  She's back at work today.....and I'm back to doing other stuff....for now :)

God blessed me yesterday by seeing fit for me to make it through the day.  He's good like that.

He blessed me with the most WONDERFUL Christmas present I could have EVER received......20 years ago when He saw fit to give me a beautiful baby girl.  She will FOREVER be a blessing to me.....and to those who know her.  She will ALWAYS be my BEST Christmas present ever.  And Solymon is the next best :D 
And don't get in the way of her dreams, or you WILL answer to me....and GOD!!!!  I am SICK and TIRED of people trying to put a stop to her dreams.  And they call themselves Christian.   I think NOT!!!!  Not when they treat a godly young person like they have treated Grace.  God will make them suffer.  You DO NOT discourage godly young people from spreading the good news of some have discouraged Grace.  What kind of scum does that make you?

In spite of the devil's little minions discouraging my daughter, I have been having the time of my life for the last 20 years.  Being her mamma is AWESOME!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better daughter.  She is one-of-a-kind.  Simply the BEST!!

I LOVE YOU MY SWEET!!!!  And GOD DOES TOO!!  You WILL have your DREAMS come true!

Have a blessed day everyone........except those chosen few :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Not Fair

I need prayers!!  I do not need to be in the state of mind I am currently in.  It's not good!  But before I get to that, I think I will share a few quotes I came across while on twitter today.

When people enter a church to see God yet can't see God because of the church, don't think for a second that God doesn't react. ~ Max Lucado 

Lord, grant me a walk with you so sweet, that if you took all else away, I would not miss what you took.  ~ Max Lucado  (That is my prayer ALWAYS!!)

We have no right to go through the world looking dour and dark, as though our religion had a depressing and saddening effect on its professors.  (That is NOT the way we, as Christians, need to portray ourselves to others.  I try very hard, when I'm in a 'mood'....NOT to let that mood reflect my love for others and for my God.  I hope people don't see the anguish I am in sometimes.  I want to reflect God's love ALWAYS!!!)
Take them however you want to take them.  And now for my 'moody' day :(

Today just hasn't been my day.  I woke up this morning about 5:30 when my little ones ( cats) woke me up.  And since I knew no one in my house wouldn't really want to get up with them, I did.
And before y'all go saying things like "they're just cats"......remember....they are MY cats.  And they are special.
Anyway.....I got on up with them, and that's when the feeling started.  The "It's not fair" feelings.  I am 41 years old, and those feelings, all these years, have been rare.  But they are becoming more frequent, as I get weaker, and tireder, and more SOB.  And having to deal with religious people wanting to stir up trouble, and people crapping on my daddy because they don't like me for some STUPID reason, me thinking that family really don't want to help me out, etc., just makes the feelings worse.
Those religious people just need to stop being so religious and START BEING AND ACTING LIKE THE CHRISTIANS THEY CLAIM TO BE!!!  Stop being hypocrites!!!  That is sickening!!!
I know my husband would rather me not ask him to help.  And my daughter, well.....I USED to be able to ask her to do anything and I honestly felt she didn't mind.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Sometimes she doesn't mind, and sometimes I think she'd rather me NOT ask her to do anything.  The part about her is probably not true, but I still feel that way sometimes.  It probably comes with 'the mood'.  She really is an angel from God!

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!  I need SOMEBODY who I know IN MY HEART will not mind helping me in the least.  And who would not mind being my 'caretaker' for the event I decide to walk the transplant path.

And since I'm in one of 'my moods', I'm liable to say anything.  But I will try very hard to keep it nice.  I'm NOT apologizing in advance.....just sayin'.

It's not fair that I don't feel like I can ask someone for help.....and them REALLY want to.

It's not fair that I have to choose between getting a heart transplant, and possibly dieing on the table.....and having to go through all the medical mess that goes with it
keeping the heart I have now....with all it's ailments and not having a life....and possibly dieing that way.

It's not fair that I don't know which way to go with the above.

It's not fair I have to choose.

It's not fair that I have to put my family through all that worry and grief again.  My daddy said in church this morning that back in 1980 when they found out I would have to have open-heart surgery, that he wouldn't cry in front of us.  Instead, he would go out behind our house in Georgia and cry is heart out.  (I had to leave service and compose myself.)  How am I supposed to go through something a MILLION TIMES more scary than that?!   I don't want to do that to my family!!  Make them worry and cry!

It's not fair that I have to put my little kitties without me for no telling how long, while I'm where ever I might be for the transplant.  They don't understand why mamma's gone!

It's not fair I might have to put a family member, or two, out of work while they take care of me after surgery.....until I get back on my feet.

And it's NOT FAIR that I have to put myself through such an ordeal.


I am trying so hard to keep the tears from flowing....but it's hard.

My dad told me this afternoon that he's been praying that God lets me live to be 80.....and him live to see it.  I  think he just wants to live to be
I told him that I don't want to live to be 80 if I have to be like one of the little ladies in the nursing home....confined to bed or wheelchair....not being able to care for themselves.  I wouldn't mind so much if I was like my Granny though.  Still going strong at 80. (She's 87 now.)
But that got me thinking.....would it be with my own heart....or the heart of someone else that gets me to 80?

I thought that as the day wore on, I would get out of this funky spell I was in.  But nope...I still have it.

I am scared to death either way I go.  I really need to know what to do.......and then I need peace about it.

Why did it have to come to this?

I really hope I'm better my in the morning.  The day that Grace and I have been planning (and saving for) for SIX WEEKS is finally here.....our shopping day in Shreveport and the David Phelps concert that night.
We are going clothes shopping, Christmas shopping, pet shopping, playing putt-putt golf, eating at the Saltgrass Steakhouse on the Boardwalk, riding the carousel, getting coffee at Starbuck's....oh and our concert that night.  Gosh!!!  Am I ready for this?  I've already told Grace that as long as we take it slooooowwww......I'll probably be fine.  I hope so.  But that aside.....I AM SOOOO SIKED ABOUT TOMORROW!  It's going to be AWESOME!!!

Sorry to burst some of my reader's bubbles (the ones that get on here digging for DIRT) who thought I thought I was perfect.  I never said that.  And now ya know :P

I'm crazy!  I'm a bit ditsy!  I'm humorously sarcastic!  I'm blunt!  I'm honest!  And I'm 41....and that means I am liable to say, or do, just about anything!

Deal with it.  Accept it.  And move on!!

Oh....and have a WONDERFUL day *smiles*

Friday, December 3, 2010

Death Ain't No Big Deal

Maybe it's just me, but I think people make way to big a deal about DEATH and what to do with their, or their loved ones, physical bodies after the soul and spirit leave it.  Funerals, memorials, the Body Farm, donation to science, organ donation....the list goes on and on.

What's the BIG DEAL!!  

Yes!!  You're loved one is not physically present with you anymore.  That doesn't make them dead. It just makes their place of residence some where else.  You know....Heaven or Hell!

I know if my daughter was to die, I would miss her like crazy.  Probably wouldn't want to go on.  But NOT because she's dead.  But because I would miss her physical presence with me every day.  She's not really dead.  She's just moved somewhere else, and I know I'll see her again when it's my time to pass from this life to the next.

If you think I'm bizarre, that's OK!  Being bizarre is really pretty cool :D

We had a family discussion on living wills last night.  Family being Me, my daughter, Donna (sister), John (nephew), Megan (sister), dad, and mom.  The family discussion was brought about by your's  The topic of discussion didn't sit too well with anyone......but for different reasons.

Dad said he was going to make out a living will.  And he was just 'feeling us out' to see if he really needed to make one.  And YEP!!!  He does.  Since at least ONE PERSON might not adhere to his medical wishes, he has to do the will.  That's when things got heated, but at least everyone left the table nicely....and not in anger.  Everyone just understands that each person has their own opinions about 'deathy' topics.  

The main topic of discussion (I think) was 'pulling the plug' and abiding by someone's last wishes.  Let's just say that MY WISHES BETTER BE ADHERED TO!!!  And absolutely no one better talk my daughter out of adhering to my wishes.  She AND I ALREADY KNOW OF TWO WHO WILL TRY!!!!

I think a person has the right to make out a living will, and I think family needs to respect those wishes NO MATTER WHAT......OR HOW BIZARRE they think they are.

Respect your loved one's last wishes!  PLEASE!!

Another topic of discussion last night, was what to do with the body AFTER it's dead.  Now there's a HOTTY for ya.  WOOHOO!!  Did it get hot last night :D  Most people I know are 'old school' when it comes to stuff like that.  You know, funerals, burials, etc. 

Now what I'm fixing to say is my OWN PERSONAL OPINION, so don't go getting your knickers all in a wad.  But, to me, a dead body is just a hunk of meat without a soul and spirit.  Your soul and spirit are what makes you who you are.  NOT THE FLESH!!  Who cares what happens to the flesh after the ESSENCE OF YOU has left it.  It's just meat people!!  Does it really matter how you treat the dead meat after LIFE has left it? It shouldn't.  You say, but what about respecting the dead?  And I say, What about respecting the living!!

Now if the living WANT a funeral and burial that's fine.  If they want to be cremated, that's fine too.  And I also caught some slack on that last night.  Some think it's un-biblical.  What about the people who burned to death in fires, or sunk in the ocean?  Will they go to hell because they weren't buried like everyone else in the Bible?  I would hope not!

I can see where they are coming from though.  Do as Christ and the Saints of Old did....have yourself buried.  Just like baptism, right?  If you don't get baptized, are you going to hell.  NO!! 

Anyway, back to the list.  If the living want their dead bodies to go to science, or a medical center, that's fine.  If they want to donate their bodies to the Body Farm, or be tossed into the ocean, that should be fine too.  IT'S JUST A HUNK OF ROTTING FLESH!!  What does it really matter?  The ESSENCE OF 'YOU' is gone!!

Another topic that I opened my big mouth about last night, was talking to the dead. Not with seances (sp?).  You know, going to the graveyard, parking your butt down near a loved one's grave and talking to them like they will answer you. They can't hear you.  But if that makes YOU feel better, then by all means, talk away.  I just don't want you to think they can really hear you.  BUT GOD DOES!!  And maybe if they are in Heaven with God, He will tell them you are thinking about them.

And I do apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings.  That was not my intention.  I was just stating my PERSONAL OPINION!!  Y'all should know by now that I speak my mind.  

I just personally think that's silly.  But you'd have to view death from my eyes.  And most people don't....except my daughter.  If my daughter dies before me, be prepared.  You will constantly hear me say that she is NOT REALLY DEAD!!  She won't be.  She will just be living somewhere else, and I know that one day I will see her again.  And oh God, YES!!!  I will miss her.  I may not even want to continue on....but I know deep in my heart that she is not really dead.  Parts of her won't be.  She is an ORGAN DONOR!!  And it also doesn't bother me one bit that she wants whats left of her rotting corpse to go to the Body rot away in some bizarre way so that Forensic Anthropologists can study the how, when, and where's of murder victims.  I THINK THAT'S COOL!!  

ME?  I just want my body donated to a medical school for 'doctors in training' to practice on.  What better way for me to be used in death, but how I was in life....ROTFL 
And my daughter wants my 'original' heart in a jar to sit on a shelf.  That's WAY COOL!!  Wish I'd thought of that.  I say 'original' because I'm thinking I might need me a new heart pretty soon.  That's NOT way cool!! 

If ANYONE reading this is AFRAID of DEATH.....maybe you need to have a little talk with God.  I don't know of a genuine Christian ANYWHERE that is afraid of the grim reaper.  Because WE KNOW where we are going!!  


If not, you can be.  
John 3:16 ~ For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Don't you want the peace that only God can give you? Don't you want to KNOW you are going to Heaven when you die?  I do.  And I KNOW!!  Maybe that's why I think death can be laughed about and joked about.  

The late great Jake Hess says it best.  Listen:

(You will have to scroll to the bottom and mute the other music player in order to hear Jake singing.)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Things Are Hard To Swallow

Hypocritical people are hard for me to swallow.
With me....what you see is what you get.  You might get a bit of sarcasm mixed with love and kindness.  You might get some Jesus anger.  You might get Gibb's slapped.  Or you might get just get a bit of Sassy_Mamma being her usual charming, loving, humorous, kind mouthy self.  Hey!!!  Gotta be me :D

I've had a few days to cool down from the latest episode of self-righteous hypocrites, so I think I can write now with a clear head.  I try very hard NOT to write when I'm angry.  I might say something I would regret later on.  And I NEVER spanked my daughter when I was angry!!  Can anyone else do that :)

First, so others will get a clear idea of the class of people I'm talking about, I will define a hypocrite.
     Hypocrite: a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. 

Within the last few days, I have been to several different places.  At one of these places, after listening to  known hypocrites (actions speak very loud) totally agree with what someone was saying, SEVERAL DIFFERENT TIMES, I almost got up and walked out.  YES!!!  I would have made a scene, but some things are just very hard for me to swallow.  You just wanna go over and Gibb's slap them.  They were totally agreeing with what the speaker was saying, but they are doing just the opposite in their lives.  Wouldn't that fit into the above definition?  The gall of some people.  I wonder if the speaker was buying all that mess?  I know God's not buying it and neither am I.  But God made me stay put.

These people are pretending to have virtue!  They have none.  How could they with the mess they've been trying to stir up.

These people are pretending to have good moral and religious beliefs.  They have none.  How could they with the lies they've been telling and the hatred they have in their hearts towards others.

These people are pretending to have principles.  They have none.  They won't even allow their handicapped children to participate in something good because of their own hateful agenda towards another human being.  That's just wrong on ALL levels!!

You tell me!!!  How is any of that good?  Self-righteous hypocrites are causing others to stumble and fall. These 'others' are seeing how these SRH are acting and they want no part of it.  Now THAT makes me get a little Jesus anger in me!  You know......the kind He had when he threw the money-changers out of the temple because they were defiling the house of God.

Hhmmm!!!  I got that off my scarred up chest.  Now for some caramel popcorn :D

In case you haven't noticed.....I think alot.....and notice alot.....and love to write about stuff.  Anything and everything.
I grew up a PK, so don't think for a moment, I don't know what I'm talking about.  I DO!!!!
I also grew up with CHD and am just learning that I can write about that.
I am now a Mamma, and believe you me, I WILL write about that.....and my daughter.

PK, CHD, MOM....Did I leave anything out?  Oh, I'm a wife too....but you don't want to hear about

My blog is for ME!  But if it helps others, or makes someone laugh, or say how wonderful my daughter is, I'm glad of that too.

Live Out Loud!!

~Sassy Mamma~

Mudbugs Hockey Game

I almost forgot about the Hockey

The game that friends and family were CONVINCED that we would HATE.....we absolutely LOVED!!  Hockey is AWESOME!!!!

We are making it our sport of choice.  We sat right at the glass and froze our bums off, but it was the most thrilling thing I've done in a long while.  Every time the bugs would score, people would through plastic crawfish into the rink.  We would then have to wait for kids to skate out and collect all the crawfish, so the game could continue.  At each period end, trucks would drive out onto the rink and throw various things to the crowd.  Grace managed to catch 3 different things that night.  Pics below.  This game was awesome.  Have I said that already?  LOL

Mudbugs did win!!!

A few pictures of that night.  Grace took more pictures than I did.  I was more interested in the game :D

Mudbug Mascot and Jr on the ice before the game.

This is how close we were to the rink.  
It was totally awesome!!!

Things Grace caught during the game.

You should try hockey.  HOCKEY ROCKS!!!  MUDBUGS ROCK!!!