CCL's Heart

I have a rare congenital heart defect.  It's hard to explain, but I hope some of the below pictures can help.  I will use this page as a place to keep records, for myself.....and my daughter.

This will be an on-going page as I can gather the information.  I will, for now, post what I already have on the computer.

A portion of a doctor's letter about me.  (Around 1981)

MY heart as drawn by the above doctor, again around 1981.

Top heart - regular.  Bottom heart - MINE~  (2005)

Most recent EKG.  (8/2010)

Updated October 1, 2010
I have added all the information I have found thus far.  I think I am going to be more adamant in collecting records from the doctors.

This is just something I found on the internet.  Not sure if that describes my heart exactly...or not.

Description of the last surgery I had.  2005

Description of last surgery I had.  2005