Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This poem was written by a teenager from a supposedly christian home and raised by parents who apparently set their expectations too high for this young person. Always wanting to please but never seeming to be able to, this poem comes from a desperate heart. Parents don't let your children reach this point in their lives. This is such a heart-breakingly sad state to be in. I really hope this teenager can find some happiness. And if the author ever reads this I want them to know - I LOVE YOU!!!

Despairing Heart

By: A teenager

Down in a cave of deep dispair

Dies a heart with heavy tear.

So glee it was upon a time

When bells would ring to silver chimes.

But over time with cares and aches

The happy heart began to break.

A giant wall began to grow

Between the heart and others, it knows.

To shield the heart from further break

Cause it had all that it could take.

For it did all that it could do

For others that it loved and knew.

All for a one it tried and tried

All broken down it cried and cried.

The heart tried hard to make one glad

But mistakes just seemed to make one mad.

One did not see heart really tried

All one sees is mistakes, heart sighed.

Heart finds comfort in furry friends

Who keep the tearing heart from end.

But end just leads to eternal pain

Endurance may just bring some gain.

One day the heart may once again be

The happy thing with joy and glee.

But as for now with candle lit

Heart will try to escape this lonely pit.