Friday, September 3, 2010

The Truthful Liar

I'm fixing to make a rather bold statement.  But, I'm good like that at times.

I have, or rather HAD, people on my facebook page that are going to great lengths to hide themselves from me.  It's amusing really.

They think they are making a statement by blocking me.....yeah, a FOOLish one.  It speaks to their true character.

They think if they can hide their actions, that I will stop writing about them on my blog.  They think if they don't give me material to write about, that I will stop.

I don't necessarily write about them.  I know the 'type'.  I just meditate on their actions, ponder them, and write to help others.

I know people like them.  Claiming Christianity, but siding with wrong the first chance they get.....or actually DOING wrong themselves.

People can be so gullible....and so evil.

They tend to forget that Satan works through cuteness, puppy dog eyes, innocence.

They also forget to 'try the spirits'.   If people would try the spirits to see if they be of GOD, first and foremost, they wouldn't get caught up in other people's lies.

They wouldn't get caught up in people that come at them with their big sad eyes telling them sob stories.

They wouldn't get caught up in people who act all innocent, but deep down inside are pure evil.

You think you know some people.  There is going to be ALOT of people REALLY surprised when they stand before God to be judged.

They can hide their actions from me all they just PROVES MY POINT!!!

When people start blocking you, so you can't see their actions, you know there has got to be some truth to what you are saying.

So!!!!  Go ahead and block me from your facebook pages.  It doesn't change the fact the GOD STILL KNOWS!!!

I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the times I have told people stuff, only for them to pretty much call me a liar.  Only to later find out I was telling the TRUTH.

I have NEVER told them, "I told you so."  But I sure have wanted to.

The people in my life are the reason I am so BOLD now!  I used to be timid and quiet.  Not one to stir the waters, even when others I love were being wronged.  NOT ANY MORE!!

You can only kick a person so many times before they start fighting back.  Consider me kicked for the last time.

Keep calling me a liar.  I'm starting to enjoy being right!! just makes the truth that much more delicious.

2 comments: said...

If only these people could see what they are doing... :-\

tsmbarnett said...

People like that have been blinded by Satan. All we can do from this vantage point is pray for them in earnest.