Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Psalms 101

Psalms 101 (The Householder’s Psalm)

In this psalm we have David declaring how he intended to regulate his household, and to govern his kingdom, that he might stop wickedness, and encourage godliness. It is also applicable to private families, and is the householder's psalm. It teaches all that have any power, (even down to the children) whether more or less, to use it so as to be a terror to evil-doers, and a praise to them that do well. The chosen subject of the psalm is God's mercy and judgment. Family mercies and family afflictions are both calls to family religion. Those who are in public stations are not thereby excused from care in governing their families; (being in the workforce is no excuse for not caring and paying attention to your family) they are the more concerned to set a good example of ruling their own houses well. Whenever a man has a house of his own, let him seek to have God to dwell with him; and those may expect his presence, who walk with a perfect heart, in a perfect way. David resolves to practice no evil himself. He further resolves not to keep bad servants, nor to employ those about him that are wicked. He will not admit them into his family, lest they spread the infection of sin. (do not even allow you or your children to bring evil persons into your life or home) A froward heart, one that delights to be cross and perverse, is not fit for society, the bond of which is Christian love. Nor will he countenance slanderers, those who take pleasure in wounding their neighbor’s reputation. Also, God resists the proud, and false, deceitful people, who scruple not to tell lies, or commit frauds. Let every one be zealous and diligent to reform his own heart and ways, and to do this early; ever mindful of that future, most awful morning, when the King of righteousness shall cut off all wicked doers from the heavenly Jerusalem.

My thoughts
Everyone in the family has the power to stop evil and wickedness from coming into their household. Even the youngest children. They have to be trained to not allow evil into their site. I know we as Christians have to live in this world and will be confronted by evil, but does that mean we have to entertain them in our homes and lives. I don’t think so. We should be a terror to those choosing to do evil. They should fear our very presence because they know that God is with us, and that He will, one day soon, destroy all wickedness from off the face of the earth. Those in public stations, in other words, those who hold jobs outside the home, ARE NOT excused from caring for and ruling their families. I DO NOT think that God will except the excuse of “I was too busy” or “I work all the time and all I want to do on my time off is spend ME time with myself”. God does not except excuses. So don’t bother giving Him any. It won’t wash with Him. You are to practice no evil. And if you are a business owner, you are to employ no sinner (evil doer). Your jobs should be reserved for fellow Christians. You are not to even let evil-doers (sinners) into your home. Why would you want your family exposed to evil. That includes letting evil into your home via TV, computer, internet, radio, etc. Evil is evil, whether it walk into your home, or whether it electronically comes into your home. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have TV, and the such. I have all the above in my home, but we govern what goes into our minds. And listen to this one - One that delights to be cross and perverse is NOT FIT FOR SOCIETY, because the bond of society is Christian love. What happens when you resist something? You push back or push away from something. Well, God resists the proud, false, deceitful, liars, and frauds. Everyone should start early in life to reform, or change their hearts and ways. Always being mindful of what the future holds, because one day Jesus will return. Where will you spend eternity???