Monday, November 12, 2007

Blogging is Funny

Blogging leaves me speecless. And I AM NOT a speechless person. I usually have an opinion and thought on everything. But when it comes to blogging and I actually sit down and WANT to blog (like right now), I can't think of anything to say. Anyone else have that problem? I have very strong opinions, but have a problem with saying what I have to say - tactfully. I mean, why beat around, in, under, and on the bush? Just say what you have to say and get on with it. But in doing so I have hurt people or made them mad or both. And I don't MEAN to. I'm just blunt with what I say. Tact comes in hindsight when I look back and think about the situation and say to myself "I guess I could have said it this way". But that doesn't help the situation. Like I tell my daughter - I mean 99% of what comes out of my mouth. I just shouldn't say it. I always think before I speak to make sure I mean what I'm about to say, it's just most of the time I should keep my opinions and thoughts to myself. Oh, look. I wasn't speechless after all. I did have something to say. Bless my little mixed up (literally) heart. Another story, another time.