Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Putting Away Childish things

There comes a time in every persons life when they put away childish things, ideas, attitudes, etc. Some reach that stage earlier than others. Others never reach that stage. Poor things. I'm not saying that adults can't enjoy life and have fun, but with adulthood comes a certain amount of maturity. At least it should. I have a daughter who will be 17 in a few weeks. She has reached that stage in her life where she is ready to put away those above mentioned childish things. And more importantly, she's ready to advance on in her spiritual life. She realizes it is time to 'stop drinking from the milk of the word, and start getting some meat'. But she is having some real hendrances in this area. Me and her father support her fully, but there are some who think it makes them look bad and may hurt others feelings for a teenager to be more spiritual than her peers and not do what the others are doing. For a christian to think that is sinful. They think all teens should act alike I guess. (A christian shouldn't even think like that). Mine WILL NOT act like the other teens. She has no desire to. To her, they are immature and childish. She wants more and every one involved in her life should support her 110%. I have raised my daughter to lead not follow. The ONLY person she should follow is Jesus, which she does wholeheartedly. Even when no one else her age is with her. She is a very strong young lady. I do not consider her a teenager (that stereo-types her), but a Godly young adult who is being trained to be a Godly adult. She realizes (as do I) that it is very lonely outside the box and it is lonely walking that narrow path by your-self. But she is not alone as long as I have breath in me. But even after I am gone, she will not be alone. God sees her heart even when other Christians don't and He will always be with her.