Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Climbing Rose

Written by my daugher, Grace.

Climbing Rose

By: Grace Barnett

Up through the lattice I intertwine

Trying to reach the warm sunshine.

The dew makes my petals sparkle and glisten

The birds are singing; I’ll stop and listen.

I’d better keep climbing; the lattice is tall

I’ll hold on tight or else I might fall.

I’m a thorny red beauty; people stop to stare

With me there’s nothing that can compare.

So I’ll keep climbing till I reach the sun

Though I’m getting tired; climbing’s no fun.

But the reward is worth it, so onward I go

I’ll get to stretch out in the sun; that I know.

Hooray! Here I am! Come look, come see!

But afterwards you’ll pay a very small fee.

I cannot be compared with the rest

I’m a climbing rose; I am the best!