Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shepherd's Christmas

Poem written by my daughter, Grace.

Shepherd’s Christmas

Author: Grace Barnett

December 2006

Twas the Night of Christmas

And all through the field

Not a creature was stirring

Except for our watchdog, Old Neil.

We shepherds were sitting

By the fire so warm,

Watching the horizon

For a wolf or a storm.

When all of a sudden

The sky started to glow

And a host of winged creatures

On trumpets did blow.

Old Neil didn’t bark

We huddled in fear.

The sheep stared in awe

While the creatures drew near.

Glory to God in the highest

To all who do hear,

Then one of them said

Peace on Earth, Do Not Fear“.

Follow yonder star

And there you will find,

A babe in a manger

A king of his kind.

We sang praises to God

As we got up and ran,

To find this our king

In a barn not so grand.

We saw our king smiling

And this we did say

Glory to God on the earth

Peace and Goodwill all the way“.


Kerri Bynog said...

I LOVE it!! You are very talented, Grace!