Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Time Capsule

Thoughts by daughter, Grace.

Time Capsules

By: Grace Barnett


A repository to preserve your thoughts for future discovery. Date them and sign your name.

These are the things that I hope will go on forever and ever in our world, no matter what change lies ahead: I hope the belief in Jesus Christ never fades away.

Here’s my prediction for a key scientific or medical discovery to be made in the 21st century: I think that scientific research will have found cures for AIDS, heart defects, cancer, and other diseases that are now incurable.

Here’s my greatest hope for the new century: My greatest hope is that more people will come to know Christ and that Christ will RETURN!!!

Here’s my biggest fear about the future: I fear that the population of evil people in this world will grow larger until most of the population is evil and doesn't believe in Christ.

Here’s how I think we’ll be entertained in the new millennium: I think every home will come with their own 'game room.' We will have big plasma TVs built right into the wall that have a shade come over them automatically at night. You won't have to use a remote control. Everything will be voice controlled. We will no longer use those bulky DVDs anymore. Every movie that was ever made will come already downloaded on the television. So all you have to do is tell the TV to bring up the movie screen and say the name of the movie you want. Same way with TV shows.

These are the kinds of jobs people will be doing by the middle of the century: In the middle of the century, people will hold more prestigious jobs. The lower jobs will be held by the robots. The jobs people will have are: surgeons living and working in space like it was their home, scientists working on how to grow food on other planets, an HMO team ( kinda like a SWAT team except it punishes people pushing HMOs), engineers working on the newest jet powered car, and an all republican government.

How do you want to be known to future generations? I want to be known as a great biologist( with sub degrees of botany, zoology and entomology) who discovered over 300 new kinds of plant and animal species. I also want to be known as a firm believer in Christ, who would not compromise her faith. And maybe the Great Botanist who discovered a tree that would hold the key to curing congenital heart disease. And if I change careers, I want to be known as a kind nurse ( or other field of medicine that works with kids) that made the children's stay at the hospital a pleasant one. Or, if I decide to join the Air Force, I want to be known as the one who put a stop to terrorism.

In the new century, what do you hope to accomplish? I hope to become the top ranking black belt in karate, I hope to graduate with top honors from the college that I attend, and I hope to travel to every jungle in the world (and possibly even Africa). I also hope to find a cure from some now incurable disease.

What has been the most important event in your lifetime? The most important event in my life-time was when I got saved.

What problems do you think will still be around 75 years from now? I think that this world's drug problem will still be around. Also the abortion and homosexuality issue will probably still be around. Mosquitoes and ticks will still be around also.

Which ones will have been solved by then? I hope we will have solved some of our major disease problems.

This is what I think we will discover about our universe by the year 2065: I think that as technology advances, we will discover new solar systems, learn how to live normal lives in space, and we will learn more about the ozone layer.

What great new invention do you foresee being created in the next 50 years? I foresee robots working as cashiers and working at fast food places.

You’re the editor of a major newspaper in the year 2060. What is the top headline of the day? ELECTRICITY GOES OUT IN HOUSE AND IT FALLS FROM IT'S STOOP IN THE SKY

Here’s my wildest, craziest prediction for the new century: I predict that we will be living in floating houses and will be driving jet cars (kinda like off of the Jetsons).

If you could have changed some important event in history over the past 1,000 years, what would that have been, and how would you have changed it? I would have smacked some sense into Darwin and whoever invented public school system. Kids would be smarter if their parents cared enough to home school them and take them out of schools where they don't care. I would have protested big time when Madeline O’Hara tried to take God out of our public school systems.