Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I did something brave today - I let my daughter stick my finger so we could find out my blood type. That's OK, though. I stuck her too. She is taking Human Anatomy with Apologia and we are studying blood. The experiment was to test our blood to see what type we have. I ordered three kits. We did two of them this morning and, my husband doesn't know it yet, but he gets the third testing kit. We'll get him when he gets home. It was fun and very easy. A little painful, but nothing we can't handle. Although Grace WAS acting a bit squimish before I stuck her. She was biting on a hi-liter and squeezing a potato. Now that was funny. After all that and she didn't even feel it. I on the other hand, bled more than I thought I should for a finger prick. Oh well, I'm still alive. That was probably my overall favorite Lab experiment with her. The cow heart we are fixing to dissect will be # 2. If any one wants a blood typing kit log onto and type in 'blood typing kit'.