Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mom - My Friend

I had asked my Sunday School girls to write a poem about their mom's for our upcoming Mother's Day service. Never did I guess what my daughter had in store for me. I would like to share her poem she wrote. My only wish for moms and daughters out there is this: I hope that your relationship with each other at least comes close to that of me and Grace's. Grace - mama loves you so very much.

My Mom - My Friend

Written by Grace Barnett

For Mothers Day 2008

A gift from Heaven in human form

A heart of love with no end.

We have a bond that cannot be torn

My mom is my friend.

Although sometimes we disagree

And our nerves do sway and bend.

A love so strong nothing cannot rend

My mom is my friend.

Together we have been through a lot

Through valleys and rough winds.

Our bond of love is all we've got

My mom is my friend.

We share our joys and sorrows too

A helping hand we lend.

Our thoughts and dreams will see us through

My mom is my friend.

I have never seen on the earth

A better friend than you.

You are more than gold is worth

A companion good and true.