Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lack of Church Support for Exceptional Youth

It's a sad day for a church when youth get held back spiritually for the good of the others. (And I think I've blogged about this before. See Entry for November 14, 2007.) A question was asked, "At what age does a young person cease to be a young person and become an adult." The answer - "Depends on their mindset, thinking, or mentality." My point EXACTLY!! When a young person sees a need to go deeper in God's Word, the church should be 100% supportive. I've seen churches want to hold those exceptional few back, just so the less than exceptional won't be a bother, or the average can get their hand held in youth activities of the church. If exceptional youth want to participate in those youth activities that's fine. But studying God's Word should not even be on the same playing field with activities. You just have to know how exceptional young people think. The only thing above average is their mentality. They're average on everything else. Don't deny those young people a deeper understanding of the Bible. The church will never go forward as long as it's holding back.
Footnote: Alot of what I described sounded vaguely familiar. Isn't that what public schools do to their exceptional youth? - Try to hold them back so the average and just plain stupid won't get their feelings hurt. Think about it!