Sunday, January 25, 2009


PRAISE GOD!!! Hubby has gone back to work after being laid off for six very long weeks. But God did not and has not let us down. We have not gotten behind in any of our bills, and we also kept food on the table and gas in the car. And that was God - not doubt about it. There is no way we could have made it without God helping us. He is such an awesome God.
And speaking of God - I think it hurts Him deeply when He gives His children talents and they REFUSE to use them. There are many different talents that God can give, but I will address this to those to whom God has given the gift of music. Whether it is the gift of playing an instrument, or the gift of singing you had better use that talent or God might just take that talent from you like He did to the man in the Bible. I have been in churches, and am in one now, that has a plethora of musical talent. BUT getting them to play or sing would be like trying to get my dad to go to the dentist. IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN! It makes me soooo mad to see God-given talent go to waste. (No - I don't think I'm in the flesh when I get mad about something like that. Jesus got mad when people were doing wrong in the temple. I'm mad because they are doing wrong in the church.) And then there is one young lady who has a musical talent and would love to sing EVERY Sunday, but she hardly ever gets asked to sing. Pastor/grandfather thinks that if she sings every Sunday that would be showing favortism. Word for him - SHOW FAVORTISM!! Nobody else wants to use their talent so let her use hers. Word to singers/musicians - Please use your talent before God takes it and gives it to someone else. He's done it before. God has gifted me with the talent to play the piano. And I'm not ashamed or bashful about playing. I love it. And you don't have to ask me twice to play.