Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Rock & Hard Place

It has come. The time in my life when the doctors finally say that there is nothing else they can do for me and that I have to make that decision I've been dreading for years - whether or not to have a heart transplant. I was told by one of my doctors Thursday that making this decision is like trading one disease for another. I can either choose not to and finish my days like I am now (which is not that bad :D) or I can choose the transplant (and live) and deal with absolutley no immune system, lots of drugs, seeing the doctor for the rest of my life, biopsies, constant monitoring, etc.... Not sure what's best for my family - me leaving earth earlier or burdening them with huge medical bills. I know what would be best for me, but I can't be selfish. But frankly, I'm REALLY, REALLY TIRED of doctors. I don't know, maybe it's my age :) Been doing this doctor thing for almost 40 years.

Now, this is 'The Way I See It" - I'm leaving this world when God gets through with me and not a moment sooner. I have a purpose for still being here and until I have 100% fully completed that mission I will stay. When that mission is completed, I'm gone. No medical or human power can keep me after that. Does it sound like I've made up my mind???
All my Christian readers - PRAY! PRAY!! PRAY!!!