Friday, August 27, 2010

Cracked with Lost Marbles

My daughter inspires me.

She has been through some devastating and trying times these last few weeks, but instead of blaming God (because He could have prevented this mess), she runs to Him as her source of peace, comfort, and joy. 

I love the fact that my daughter knows where to turn in times of devastation and trials.

Me....I do to....but, for now....I am just tired...plain and simple.  

I am tired of jerks (actually just one) taking advantage of my daughter. Telling her they love her and want to marry her, but just lying because they know they really don't....and won't.  (His  heart is filled with anger and has no room for love.)

I am tired of her heart being toyed with like some cheap toy.  Being played with, then tossed in the trash like a piece of garbage. 

I am tired of her being mistreated by family and church because they can't cope and come to grips with the fact that SHE IS NOT like others her age.  She is more 'rooted' and 'grounded' everything important.  Get a grip people.  It IS POSSIBLE for one her age to be a 'leader' in her church, home, and community.  Just because you're not USED to one like that, doesn't mean they don't exist.....THEY DO!!!

I am a mother. (I don't like seeing my daughter wronged and hurt.) 

I am 41. (My daughter knows what that means.)  I have been through ALOT, seen ALOT, and taken ALOT in my 41 years.  

And I am as one stranded in the ocean, clinging to a slowly deflating, turned up-side-down raft....knowing good and well I can't swim.....but hoping my deliverer will come....just in time. 

There comes a time when enough is enough.  

There comes a time, when after years of pressure on a vessel, the vessel starts to show cracks.

If those cracks aren't repaired.....well, you've seen what happens to a dam when the cracks aren't repaired.

Cracks, when not repaired, only get worse.....then explode in a fury that no one can stop.

Yeah, I'm off my rocker, lost my marbles, a cracked pot, loony, two fries short of a happy meal......and any other euphemism you can come up with to describe this once sane mother!

So Grace, keep inspiring me.  

And I got two words for people who read this and take offense......BITE ME!!!!