Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do We Really Need Memberships?

What's the purpose of joining anything (church, club, organization etc,) if you can have a 'say-so' in how things are run WITHOUT being a member?

What, then, is the purpose of membership?  I'm just asking.

I've had a problem with that issue here lately.  Not that its a big deal to me....but it just gets me stewing when I think about it.  Especially since almost every member of this entity LISTENS to and pretty much DOES what these non-members say.

In every entity that I know of, except one, you have to be a member before you can have any 'say-so' in anything.

This certain entity allows non-members a 'say-so' in how things are run, what needs to be done, etc......and I have a problem with that.  I don't care WHY they are being allowed that say-so (and in the interest of playing nice today), I will not elaborate on the entity.  Let's just say that these non-members have a lot of muscle. (And that too, can be taken to mean two different don't get your undies in a wad.)

Joining any entity has certain perks that only members should be allowed to indulge in....whatever that indulgence might be.

What if I marched across the street on any 1st or 3rd Tuesday night of any given month and wanted to vote in or have a 'say-so' in our local Masonic Lodge? Become involved in their activities, and such, but didn't want to join their Lodge?  
I would be told an emphatic NO!!  I proceed to protest!  "But I'm smart and am well-versed in Masonic teachings.  I know everything there is to know about the Masonic Lodge."  Still...NO!! One....I'm female.....and Two...I AM NOT A MEMBER!!

OK!!  I got a better one for ya.  Let's say a sinner dies, gets to the judgement throne, and wants entrance into heaven.  He is denied access?  WHY??!!  He's NOT A MEMBER. God has one of His angels look in the 'Lambs Book of Life' to see if this said person's name is there.  It's not.  WHY?!  He's NOT A MEMBER!!  While living on this earth, this said person never accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour, which would have guaranteed his MEMBERSHIP into heaven.  You get the idea.

I've got another idea!  Why don't we do away with memberships into ANY entity, and have an open society?  That way everyone could come and go as they please, have a 'say-so' in anything and everything they wanted to stick their noses into.  Every church, every society, every NATION, every country, every club, every organization....all open.  Everyone can say how everything else is run.  Think of the chaos!

Some of you reading this are already throwing up red flags saying "THAT CAN'T WORK!"

That's my point!

And.....I REST MY CASE!!

Since an open society could not possibly work, membership into any entity would keep chaos from ensuing.  And would keep a certain amount of order in clubs, churches, organizations, nations, countries, etc.  You get my point?

Stepping down from the soapbox now.  My daughter just called and, after running to pick up supper, will be home shortly.  YAY!!  I DO love that girl :)