Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goat and Cow's Heart

I've had a very interesting weekend. We had our 5th Sunday singing at our church and afterwards, we had lunch. Someone had cooked goat and I was pursuaded to try it. Not being one to turn down something new, I very slowly put a bite in my mouth. It was good. Wish I had been able to get more. By the time I got through the line, most of it was gone.

The other interesting thing was the cow heart my daughter was dissecting for Anatomy. Since a cow's heart is similiar to ours we had the chance to see it up close. Real up close. We were trying to figure out which arteries and veins were which and I had my fingers in holes trying to follow Grace while she was looking at the website. Those a&v's are tough. We also cut the heart open to view the inside. We were able to view the ventricles and several other parts. With this particular heart, we weren't able to figure the A&V's out until it was opened up. Then we poked our fingers in the holes to see where they led. It was very gross, but fun.

A baby pig is next. Here pig, pig, pig.....