Monday, April 7, 2008

I Am Blessed Because


1. I am alive.

2. I have a husband who works hard so that I can stay home and educate our daughter.

3. I have a godly daughter who has high standards for herself and those around her.

4. My dad & mom are still alive, together, and we live around them.

5. I have a cat that makes me laugh.

6. I have a house full of all types of animals that makes my daughter happy.

7. I have a sweet little niece named Makalin.

8. I can play the piano.

9. I have compassion.

10. I have a church where I can worship as I want.

11. I see God's beauty in everyday things.

12. I see God's power through healing.

13. I have Jesus as my Lord and Best Friend.

14. I can see.

15. I can thing clearly, logically, and with my heart.

16. I can still have fun.

17. I love life.

18. I have a wonderful group of Sunday School girls.

19. I am happily married.

20. I am a mom.