Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's Normal?

I can't believe my little man will be three tomorrow!!  He can be a handful, but I love him to death.  He's already gotten most of his birthday.....but the main items haven't arrived in the mail yet.  It would be REALLY nice if they came ON his birthday tomorrow.  Grace bought him a hamster.  I got him a ramp style scratching post, cat grass, and an automatic shipment of fish flakes that ship every 3 weeks......oh, and the BIG gift (which hasn't arrived yet)......two cat verandas.

Uummm......surely you guys didn't think I was talking about a human 'little man'.  I've only one human child, and she's already a young woman.  Gotta spoil

Solymon on his throne :D

Back to the gifts.  We also bought a ball for the hamster to role around in, but it seems that Solymon....and the other two (Smokey & Oliver) like the hamster better in the CAGE and NOT in the ball.  They all like sitting on the cage watching from above instead of having to follow the hamster around.  Whatever melts their

They also seem to like the scratching post.  It is at a different angle that what they are normally that's a plus.  They didn't like the crinkle ball hanging on the underside so they all three promptly removed bit.

The cat grass is always a hit....especially for Solymon.  He LOVES chewing on that stuff.  We even caught him munching on some freshly picked lettuce from the garden last night.  Good boy Soly!!

I'm pretty sure the verandas will be a success.  They all love going outside.  Soly loves the outdoors the most....then Smokey.....then Oliver.  We have a double decker cat stroller already, but we can only put two at a time out in them.  We've been putting Oliver in the cleaned out empty rabbit cage, but he doesn't seem to like it that much.......and he just seems to be all alone.  I don't like that.  With two verandas and the double decker....all we need now is another cat.  Sshhh.....DO NOT tell my hubby I said that :D

On another note:

Grace has been considering some changes in her life...for the better.  And I'm very excited for her.  More to come.......

I had an eye appointment this past Monday.....and Grace had a rip-roaring good time leading me around :D
My eyeballs have never been touched with so many objects since....oh, I don't know......maybe FOREVER!!!!  I know they were having to check the pressure in my eyes since it's been high the last few years, but that seemed a bit excessive.  Had major headaches and eye aches for the rest of the day....but that didn't stop me from doing some shopping.  I just couldn't see what I was doing or buying.  I probably looked silly.....and Grace was having a time with

Tuesday I kept by niece Chloe.  Let's just say that was a unique experience...and leave it at that .  One of the ladies in our church had her little girl Tuesday night.  Miss Catherine weighed in at 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 19 inches long.  Congratulations to Mandi and Chris.

Tonight starts our revival.  I woke up praying that God will give me the strength and energy to go tonight....and the rest of the nights.  This week hasn't been the most restful one.  I've only been up three hours and I'm already wanting to go lay back down.

Sometimes having this heart of mine is no fun....BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING GOD!!  I am so very thankful that You have allowed me to do the things that I do....even though most of the time I pay for it later with extreme tiredness.  I know the old ticker probably wants to slap me sometimes, but oh well.....I had fun at the time.

Sunday is family day at church and we are having a fish-fry afterwards.

And that's about it.  Got our tickets for EHSS and David Phelps, now just got to get the tickets for Tim Hawkins.  I told Grace the other day, I'm already looking forward to January 2nd, 2011.  The holidays will be over and everything can get back to normal :D

But what's normal?

I'll let you decide.....while you read and contemplate Psalms 91 today.